I got my GED, now what?

You made a goal to graduate with your GED and you accomplished it! Now you may be wondering what’s next? You’ll find that many doors have opened for you since you’ve made the decision to up your credentials. Maybe you have a plan already, but sometimes, it’s more about the credential itself than what you’re going to do with it. We’ve got you covered with some routes you may want to take with your GED certification.

To employers, a high-school diploma or its equivalent is a necessary indicator of an employee’s knowledge and skills base. It’s often considered to be the basic requirement. While many higher paid jobs require further education, having a GED will get you in the door for entry-level positions and will help you to develop on-the-job skills to propel yourself towards your wildest employment dreams. When applying for the door, an interview is a win. If you meet the requirements, you’re way more likely to land an interview and will be more likely to win them over with your sparkling personality.

If you’ve got your eyes set on continuing your education—whether through college, university, or some other specialized training, a GED can help strengthen your application. Seen as a barometer of your basic skills, the GED shows that you know the basics and have a solid foundation to build on. For most people, high school is a given, so the fact that you’ve gone back to school determined to get your GED will be a highlight on your application to post secondary institutions.

We all like to tell ourselves that the opinions of others don’t have an effect on us. While it’s good to focus on what you can control, it’s also important to define what’s affecting your self-esteem. If it means the world to you to have your GED certification, then maybe it’s time to show the world what you can really do. You’ve already established your ability to learn independently, to be self-motivated, and to prioritize your goals. You’re a business success in the making. Your journey isn’t finished with the GED though. You accomplished one goal, now set some more! Figure out what you want to make happen and get out there and make it come true like you did with your GED.

Some people think that getting their GED will solve all their problems like magic. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a huge accomplishment, and it opens doors for you, but the job market can still be a tough place. Don’t get down on yourself. It won’t always be easy but you’ve already accomplished a lot. You’re a part of a new subsection of the community: The graduates. You’re setting a great example for others who may want to further their education but don’t feel like they can. You prepared for the test, wrote it, and passed with flying colors. That’s something to celebrate. Remember to celebrate your victories. It’s easy to get bogged down with the details, but remember that you’re a lot further than you were before you had received your certification.


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