International GED Recently Launched

A new international GED testing program is now available in over 60 countries. The GED Testing Service launched the new program in May 2017 to help students enter University degree programs. The international version is available in other countries for students interested in pursuing education and employment in the United States of America.

The program meets United States high school standards and measures skills in creative thinking and problem solving. Receiving a GED credential gives graduates the equivalent of their country’s high school diploma. Countries that accept the GED as a high school equivalent include the USA, Canada, Bangladesh, South Africa, Thailand, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, St. Maarten, Australia and New Zealand. Terms vary by educational institution, however, so test-takers should double check with their university of choice to be sure that their GED will be accepted as a high school equivalent.

A perk of the international program is that test-takers may prepare for their test, take the exam, and receive their credentials from outside of the U.S. and Canada. This offers greater flexibility in pursuing education internationally or in the U.S.A.  In addition, the international GED testing program offers GED Ready practice tests that offer insight into performance on the actual test. Students also receive access to scoring reports to help them focus their energies on weak points. Registration can be done online, and there is a platform to check scores and access career tools. The international testing program also offers easier and quicker access to diplomas and transcripts.

The test is offered in Spanish or English. Test locations may be found by entering one’s postal or zip code into the GED Testing Service website. As with any new program, there are still some hoops to jump through with the international test. In some jurisdictions, you need to be a resident to qualify for the test. To facilitate the process for international test takers, live chatting is offered along with email and telephone support. The internet is making things easier in this regard, with more and more test preparation options available online, plus resources such as e-books and videos, it’s easy to find everything you may need with the push of a button.  

For GED prep teachers, the international GED testing program offers GED preparation instructors free professional development resources. With the targeted feedback available through the GED Testing Service website, the new program offers students valuable insight into where their strengths and weaknesses lay and where they’re at with their knowledge and skill development. By providing test-takers with options for preparation, the GED focuses on test-prep tailored to different kinds of learners.

Over 20 million people have passed the GED test to date. The test was developed to measure skills equivalent to those acquired in high school to assure universities and employers that students who have passed the test have demonstrated that they can write and understand English at a 12th grade level. By opening doors for graduates, the GED has become an important tool in furthering education and expanding employment opportunities.


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