Is Getting a GED Worth the Effort?

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Things are changing in today’s workforce. Bachelor’s Degrees are a dime a dozen and with more and more practical, specialized training required, more than ever people are asking: Is getting my GED worth it? About 750,000 high school dropouts try to improve their employability by getting their GED certification. Is the GED really the second chance that it sells itself as being?

Some research has shown that GED holders may not be better off than high school dropouts. The GED only really signifies the equivalent of high school. Test-takers should not look at it as a problem solver. More training and/or education will likely be required to be a competitive hire in a competitive job market. There’s the argument that the employer will find a high school diploma preferable to a GED. The GED doesn’t replace a high school diploma. Only 1 in 10 GED grads go on to earn a college degree. If you just get your GED without a plan to take more courses or get relevant experience, you may not be an ideal candidate in an employer’s eyes. Saying that GED grads do worse than other students is a deceitful. Rather, expecting your GED to get you a job is probably self-deluded thinking.

For many, the GED is still a way of undoing past mistakes. Due to life circumstances, many are unable to complete their high school education. The GED is a way of turning that around and receiving some recognized credentials. Although some make the argument that employers are looking for tenacity and perseverance—the GED is evidence of both of those characteristics. It isn’t easy going back to school. It’s even harder going back to school when you aren’t a dependent of your family, when you’re working another job, and when you’re out of practice. It’s never a bad thing to show an employer that you have goals and you work to achieve them. Don’t talk yourself out of the GED if it’s only one step in a chain of events that will lead you to your dream job or dream education.

All in all, only you can decide whether the GED is worth it to you. Although it may not be the answer to all of your problems, it is an excellent step in showing employers and educational institutions your determination and dedication to your education. If it builds your confidence and helps you fulfill your personal goals, then it is absolutely worth it. Will it guarantee you a job? Not necessarily. The GED can be an excellent tool in creating the basis for a new career or education path for yourself. If you’ve been out of the education environment for a while, it may be a good idea to refresh your skills through the GED. Employers want someone who is committed and if you show your commitment through a GED and relevant coursework then you’ll be a prime candidate. It’s important to be constantly challenging yourself, constantly growing and learning.


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