Is The Bachelor’s Degree Worth it?

With increased postsecondary enrollment, and ascending student debt, some people wonder whether getting an undergraduate degree makes a difference. If everyone has a Bachelor’s degree, does it really matter if you have one or not? Research shows that people with a basic undergraduate degree make significantly more money over their lifetime than those with no post-secondary. Degree holders historically do better in periods of recession, facing lower unemployment rates than non-degree holders. Although having a bachelor’s degree will not guarantee you a job, having a degree will certainly help you find one, and ensure you get paid more. If you eventually decide that you would like to pursue graduate education such as a Master’s degree or a doctorate degree, you will need to have completed study at the bachelor’s level.

In 2013, the National Center for Education Statistics found that 72% of young adults who earned bachelor’s degrees worked full time, year round. They also found that young adults with undergraduate degrees made twice as much money as young adults with only a high school education.

Even if having a bachelor’s degree is not a requirement for finding a job, it is an important asset that can offer many professional advantages. The skills and knowledge learned during a bachelor’s degree program are a solid foundation to build on through experience.

There are things to consider before applying for a bachelor’s degree program. Students should ask themselves whether the program will fulfill criteria for their intended profession. If a student knows that they will eventually be pursuing a master’s degree, they should make sure that the bachelor’s degree program will transfer to a master’s. Cost is always a factor to evaluate in making a decision: Will financial aid be available through scholarships, bursaries and loans? Students should also evaluate how much flexibility they need: If courses are offered online, if they can pursue their education full-time or part-time or if they would like to consider accelerated degree options. If you are pursuing a career in a specific field, like education, make sure you are enrolling in the appropriate program for a Bachelor of Education.


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